Routledge Handbook of Organizational Change in Africa

Although change management and therefore effective adaptation to environmental complexity is considered a uniquely human cultural activity, the extensive change management literature is largely based on the experiences of organizations in the advanced economies of the West. As the economies of African countries become increasingly open, African organizations will need to be agile in order to adapt and grow in a dynamic, global environment. Currently, there is a dearth of contextualized knowledge on change management within Africa, but this handbook aims to address this by bringing together a wide range of experts to explore organizational change and change management from an African context.

Practicing Organization Development: Leading Transformation and Change Fourth Edition

Practicing Organization Development: Leading Transformation and Change, Fourth Edition is your newly revised guide to successful organization development. This edition has been updated to explore the cutting edge of change management, leadership development, organizational transformation, and society benefit. These concepts are explored through emerging and increasingly accepted strengths-based approaches such as: appreciative inquiry, emotionally and socially intelligent leadership, positive organization development, and sustainable enterprises. This edition offers both theoretical concepts and guides to practical applications, providing you with the knowledge, techniques, and tools to put organizational development to effective use in the workplace.

Africa’s Platforms and the Evolving Sharing Economy

Digital transformation concepts have created new business principles such as the on-demand economy and a new sharing economy. While the on-demand economy has primarily grown out of industrialized economies, especially North America, Africa has been known to exhibit communal living characterized by sharing. Literature has shown that the introduction of ICTs to everyday life and business has redefined the concept of sharing and also evolved an entirely new spectrum of sharing – both in the individual and business settings. Alongside this new spectrum is a new disruptive business model known as the platform business model. While the subject continues to attract interest globally and locally, there is a need to deepen the understanding of this subject to validate global perspectives on platforms as economic drivers within the African context.



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