’Glory’s eagerness to impart her knowledge to her audience; to equip them mentally in taking that step towards achieving their goals was tangible and very encouraging”

Therese Orji
Coordinator, Wavecrest Young Professionals Centre

We want to use this opportunity to extend our appreciation and say a big thank you to Glory for serving as a panellist at our virtual event, Women and Business: Navigating the Challenges.

Glory’s willingness to share her time, coordinate the session, empower the participants with her knowledge and insights drawn from experience and education were critical to the event’s success.

Judging from the comments of the participants (on both Zoom and YouTube), they were intrigued by the knowledge gained. They also appreciated how she integrated their views to the discussion from time to time and will look forward to implementing what they have learnt. The event was a tremendous success, and credit goes to Glory and the other panellists.

  • Glory’s delivery on our “Women and Business: Navigating the Challenges” webinar was outstanding. She did demonstrate she is an accomplished consultant as she drew actionable insights from her wealth of knowledge and professional experience while allowing her passion for women empowerment to shine all through. Our participants could not wait to have her back.

Kingsley Nweke
MBA Marketing Officer, Lagos Business School

Glory was a Mentor in the Pharmacists Leadership Stimulant Program. She Coached a group of Young Pharmacists across Nigeria through the Process of Developing a Winning Business Plan or Proposal, including Developing a Vision, Strategic Plan, Marketing Plan, Sales Forecast, Operational Plan, Cash Flow Projections as well as Interpreting Income statements. Her Contribution to the Program created Maximum impact in developing Business Capacity of Young Pharmacists Across Nigeria. Thank you for all you do, Glory.

Angela Okoli
Project Manager
Pharmacists Leadership Stimulant Program

I can never thank Glory enough for accepting our invitation to come and speak to our young ladies. She was indeed inspirational! She is one of those resource persons that we wish could come every time we organise an event for young aspiring leaders. She spoke with a wealth of knowledge on leadership and this made her presentations very attractive and easy to relate with by the participants.
Young people need motivation and seeing her and hearing from her was a true inspiration to many of them. The last time she came, she made reference to her own journey. Her story left them with great desires to reach for more and achieve more. Her presentations were organised, straight to the point and full of inspiring ideas. The resources she left them were useful to aid their own personal study and reflection on the subject dealt with during her presentations. We hope to have her with us for more inspiring moments.

Ebele Okoye
Afara Leadership Centre