Simon Sinek, the popular author, speaker and marketing consultant, wrote about the importance of defining your company’s mission statement in his groundbreaking book ‘’Start with Why.’’

And he makes a really great point: Figuring out “why” you do something makes it easier for you, and those you work with to find fulfillment in doing it. And when you see the value in what you’re doing or offering, it becomes easier for your customers to buy into that mission.

My startup company, Kleos Africa, has the mission statement ”Giving Wings to African Businesses.” It helps us capture our raison d’etre of providing services that help entrepreneurs in Africa plan, launch, fund, grow and scale their businesses.

Here are 5 things you most likely didn’t know about your company’s mission statement:

  1. It’s a tool to inspire your partners, clients, and employees:Google’s mission ‘’To organize the world’s information’’is very audacious but inspiring at the same time.
  2. It engages audiences:The Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (‘’ABVI’’) uses the mission statement ‘’I Lost My Sight, Not My Vision’’ The brand promise communicates the passion behind their work. This message engages audiences through black and white, high-contrast visuals that are compliant for visually-impaired readers.
  3. It encourages alignment.“Duty, Honor, Country”– the motto of an Army officer. Simple words—but their meaning can have a profound impact on a business career.
  4. It streamlines decision making.Having a well-defined mission statement like Tailor Brands’ ‘’Making Design Simple’’makes it easier for internal decisions to be made at scale by providing a functional foundation for making a choice that supports the business’ goals and purpose.
  5. It strengthens your brand: For modern businesses, strong brand recall requires you to nail your purpose and promise down to the specific emotions you want your customers and employees to feel when they think of you. And this is where a mission statement like TED’s ‘’Spread Ideas’’will make a world of a difference.

“You can’t create a personality for a business unless you know what that business is about,” explains Marketing Specialist Kathryn Wheeler. A strong mission statement provides a foundation for your company’s identity and provides you with the direction you need to manage it effectively.

Do you have a policy for crafting your company’s mission statement? If not, download a sample vision and mission policy document here. You can purchase our entire Marketing and Sales Policy manual here.


By Comments off May 6, 2019