My ”Find of the Week” is Vishal Gupta‘s award-winning journal article which reveals that female CFOs are less likely to engage in financial misreporting than male CFOs.

Vishal Gupta is a renowned Professor of Entrepreneurship at the The University of Alabama. Passionate about research and scholarship, he is spearheading the 2021 Virtual Seminar for Entrepreneurship Research at the Academy of Management, which I am currently participating in.

His journal article was one of the winners of the 2021 “Responsible Research in Management” Award:

In this study, he formulated a theory about the impact of chief financial officer (CFO) gender on financial misreporting. He hypothesized that firms with female CFOs will have a lower likelihood of financial misreporting than comparable firms with male CFOs.  

The result of the research proved the hypothesis. The implications of these findings can be found here:

As a female executive and an accountant, I found his findings quite interesting. Perhaps proponents of gender balance among C-suite executives should encourage more women to study Accounting and Finance?







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By Comments off September 10, 2021